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Description of 放置ファーム ~のんびり畑づくりゲーム~

Grow a variety of crops and animals and aim for the world's best farm!

Easy neglect development game where you can enjoy leisureily.
You can enjoy freely at free skim time with complete free.
Let's enlarge the plantation and make it grow lively.

An agricultural simulation game that runs farms as the main of neglected farms!
It is recommended for kill time so we can enjoy neglect!

■ Farm ■
The farm is the farm you are making.
You can get money by raising various kinds such as vegetables, fruits, animals and leaving it alone.
Let's pioneer new and more agricultural lands with the money we got.

You can get money by not only farmland but by tapping houses in the farm, collecting mushrooms and grasses!

● Vegetables · Carrot · Potato · Cabbage · Tomato · Corn · Pumpkin

Fruit · apple · grapes · banana · peach

● Animals, pigs, cows, chickens, sheep


■ Shop ■
You can buy various items to help harvest at the shop.

● Strengthening badge strengthening badge is an important item that will increase the crop yield of fruit on farmland!
Even crops with low yields will be able to harvest a lot if you add a reinforcing badge.

Items to be installed will doubles the yield of the farm.
Let's set up more and more and make our farms lively.

· Tractor · Windmill · Silo · sheepdog · vinyl house · Mobile sales car · Scarecrow · Pleasure boat · well · fountain · bee nest box · hotel etc.

■ Goal achievement
I'm preparing a goal for full volumes that I can take everywhere.
If you achieve it you can also get money so actively achieve it to make the plantation bigger!

■ Harvest Festival ■
A harvest festival can be held once an hour, a farm festival!
Let's make money by tapping vegetables emerging from the farm and animals crossing the ranch!

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New in air.jp.globalgear.fam 1.6.1
New in air.jp.globalgear.fam 1.4.0
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